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We supply Energy Metering Equipment to utility companies, system integrators, installers and end users worldwide.

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Reduce Your Energy Costs

The increasingly high cost of energy is pushing businesses toward finding intelligent strategies for power management at all levels. This includes power metering, submetering, data acquisition, and powerful reporting tools. The implementation of such strategies requires an accurate collection of data for consumed power down to the power supply level. 

The Northern Design family of meters and meter ordering options are the first choice for Energy Monitoring and Energy Management applications. Compact, cost effective and easily configurable for a wide range of electrical data readings. Easy DIN rail mounting and panel ready features allow for quick deployment across industrial and commercial facilities and equipment. In most greenfield and retrofit meter deployments there is no appreciable ROI. Meters are tools to discover consumption data in order to take further action to reduce consumption. Therefore, deploying an economical solution provides great benefit to the organization seeking financial incentives for project justification for monitoring energy and power consumption. 

Northern Design meters are capable of measuring the entire WAGES spectrum of energy.  Water, Air, Gas and Steam readings are available through pulse output options available on most meter models. The data logging feature meets current ASHRAE standards for time stamped time interval readings for building standards related to USGBC and Energy Star standards. All meters are UL and CUL rated. 

Easily configurable communications features allow for networking either through Modbus, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP or Ethernet. Fast connection capability to SCADA or BAS systems with stand alone Web enabled individual meter pages accessible via remote access through IP addressing. All meters have capability to be daisy chained for easy networking. 

Available data from all basic meters include kW, kVA, kVAh, kvar, kVArh and kWh. Advanced power readings such Power Factor (PF) and Total Harmonic Distortion are available from ND advanced meter family. All units are capable of reading single and three phase power including 120v, 208-230v. ND advanced meters support Medium Voltages of 480v. 

All meters selections should be chosen after careful review of individual characteristics, specifications and options.